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“Music should humbly seek to please: extreme complication is the contrary of art”.  The Hotel de Banville in Paris’s 17th “arrondissement” belongs to the singer Marianne DAY (Marianne MOREAU), the very image of this assertion by Claude Debussy.

The name of the Hotel may not have changed since the poet Théodore de Banville, friend of Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Hugo and others, gave it his name, but the hotel has been entirely renovated and its decoration radically changed. A pinch of gentleness and music, a good dose of design, a touch of conviviality, the whole sprinkled with Parisian charm.
The grand piano, the ultra-modern fireplace, the bar, the white marble and the elegant lighting which adorn the atrium are the visible witnesses to this.  You are looking for a hotel room and suddenly, you are accompanied by a pianist. Everyone lives as he pleases. The Hotel de Banville is the art of living music with simplicity, elegance and sobriety.

Marianne DAY

Marianne Day began playing the piano at 8 years old.  Brought up on and influenced by classical music (and particularly by Chopin), she began her first songs with re-interpretations of classics by Véronique Sanson, France Gall, Berger and others.  At nearly 15, she took lessons in jazz, a style which would occupy a great place in her life.  Some years later, she became a singer in a rock group, then recorded in Belgium a song written by a Belgian author-composer, a client of the hotel.

2004 :  Marianne met Franck Monbaylet, pianist, arranger and composer, a well-known figure on the Parisian scene, and with him began a series of duos singing with the piano on Thursday evenings in her hotel. From jazz to bossa nova via French variety, the pieces were chosen because they loved them. These evenings soon became real concerts.

2008: The album “Entre Nous” appeared, the result of a real bond between Marianne and Franck, composed of re-interpretations of jazz and French variety. Among the titles was an unpublished composition, “A Sanson”, a homage to Véronique Sanson.

2009: Marianne decided to write and compose.  She devoted her time to her music and to the creation of her first album. Franck Monbaylet took her project in hand and composed for her.  Thirteen musicians formed a group around her and her friend, Marc Lévy, the famous contemporary author, wrote one of his texts for her, called, “Conjugue moi”.  This album, in French, full of tenderness and poetry, is expected to appear in spring 2011.

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Live Music on Thursday

On Thursday night, Marianne Day (Marianne LAMBERT) transforms the hall of her hotel into a “live concert” for beautiful and unexpected evenings where she welcomes music-lovers with her warm voice.  
Accompanied by the pianist Franck Monbaylet  and other talented musicians, they re-visit jazz and the great classics of the French repertory.  
It often happens that musicians or singers, clients or just spectators, encouraged by Marianne Day (alias Marianne LAMBERT), join them for some astonishing moments of improvisation, with the focus on emotion and energy.  
Those who like to discover their own special places will certainly exchange this address and won’t forget to book beforehand for dinner.

To book: +33 1 42 67 70 16
From 20:00 till 23:00, open to all
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