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"Music should seek humbly to give pleasure, extreme complication is the opposite of art" in the Paris 17th district, the Hôtel de Banville is owned by the singer Marianne DAY (Marianne LAMBERT), what a wonderful image this phrase by Claude Debussy conjures up.”

You go out looking for a hotel room and suddenly there's a pianist accompanying you”. Everyone lives at their own pace. The Hôtel de Banville is a way of life, a life of music with simplicity and elegance.


"Live Music"


Marianne Day (Alias Marianne LAMBERT) reinvents the hotel lobby for a live concert!

Unexpected and beautiful evenings where she welcomes music lovers with her warm voice.

Accompanied on the piano by Franck Monbaylet and a number of other talented musicians playing jazz and classics of the French repertoire

Concert entrance : €15 per person

Concert and dinner (without drinks) : €30 per person

Often musicians and singers, whether clients or just spectators encouraged by Marianne Day (alias Marianne LAMBERT) play and sing along with them creating astonishing moments of improvisation creating emotion and energy.

Those scouting for special confidential spots will undoubtedly tell one another of this address and won't forget to reserve in advance for dinner.

To make a reservation :
+33 1 42 67 70 16
From 8pm to 11 pm, open to all


"A pinch of sweetness and music, a good dose of design
A zest of convivilality, all dusted with Parisian charm"





Marianne DAY


Set your watch to Day time; go to bed late or very early at that delicious, fluid, floating time when love stories start or finish. Is it really just luck that Marianne’s varied route has led her to sing each week in a hotel with such great ambience.

Having fallen so early into the great arpeggio melting pot, Marianne with the sweet blonde silhouette has lived with music in her heart since childhood. At the piano and then singing, patiently she ploughed her furrow refining her acoustic pantheon of Chopin to Véronique Sanson by way of Stacey Kent and Melody Gardot.

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Tattooed under her skin by the blues, her voice hot and full of colour if slightly breaking embraces as much as it disturbs. Everything she touches creates a shiver up the spine..

Accompanied by some big names (Dominique Bertram on base, Christian Martinez on trumpet, Christian Brun on guitar, Philippe Renaud on trombone, Fred Sicard on drums, Franck Monbaylet on piano), album composer, arranger and performer, Marianne creates other worlds and adorns the nostalgic tempos like an evening dress.

Whether interpreting the words of writer Marc Lévy, who is, incidentally a good friend "Conjugue-moi" a waltz written from a poem by Michelle Hourani "Hypnosis" or taking on a standard by Supertramp in her stunning voice "Casual Conversations" she tells stories as much as she sings.


Eleven minimalist songs, tender melodies, cinema sketches, pretty nothings in scope and in stereo, curious songs with melancholy strains, judicious acoustic or cocktail between French song and urban smoothe jazz melody.

A special tempo to tell tales of life, piano-piano, of the end of a love affair, time passing, travel, the sea "23h17“,, "Alfonsina y el mar", "Dis tu m'emmènes à la mer").  Unexpected detours of voice to embrace the words, touch the heart, her casual wide quality of tone with its infectious happiness slightly tempered by unalloyed emotion.

— Lionel Paillès



Mariane Day 
playing piano



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Marianne Day



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Marianne Day

France · 15 mars 2013